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As well as standard hair treatments, our team in Lower Sydenham can help you realise the true potential of your hair. Whether you're looking for thicker hair, more volume, or you'd like elongated curls for a night out, we can help you.


As well as just the aesthetics, our hair care services concentrate on keeping your hair healthy and shining. With specialist advice, we'll talk to you in-depth about how going forwards you can have permanently young looking hair.

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Our hair care services strive for perfection. After carefully diagnosing the condition of your hair, our expert stylists can address any problems to ensure you have the look you've always wanted.


From frizz control, to colour damages and age-weakened hair, we'll have the solution for you. Using Redken Intra force and the Arosci Intensive Restructuring System, our protein enriched hair treatments will bring your hair back to life. Improve your confidence today by visiting our salon or giving us a call!

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